V&W Motors is your Volkswagen repair and service experts. With over 35 years of Volkswagen repair experience, V & W will keep your Volkswagen running smoothly, with excellent service and value. Volkswagen recommends different levels of service atregular mileage intervals. Our staff of State-certified technicians keep up-to-date on all Volkswagen service techniques and schedules and can address both regular service and repair issues that occur unexpectedly.

Volkswagen Service Details
For all Volkswagen repair services we follow the factory recommended service as outlined in your owner’s manual. Specific models have differences in terms of when each service should be completed but in general our Volkswagen repair services are as outlined below.

Volkswagen Service – Approximately Every 5K Miles (not a complete list):
• Oil & Filter Change
• Wiper and Fluid Check
• Tire Pressure & Condition Check
• Check Brake System (damage, leaks, pads, fluid)

Volkswagen Service – Approximately Every 20K Miles (not a complete list):
• Everything in the above service, plus…
• Check Cooling System
• Check Exhaust System
• Check for Engine On Board Diagnostic Faults
• Check for Engine Compartment Leaks
• Check Battery
• Check Transmission for Leaks
• Check Front Axle
• Check Lights
• Check Drive Shaft Boots
• Road Test

Major Volkswagen Service – Approximately Every 40K Miles (not a complete list):
• Everything in the above services, plus…
• Check Power Steering Fluid
• Replace Spark Plugs at approximately 60K miles
• Replace Pollen Filter
• Replace Air Cleaner Filter
• Check Belts – Replace If Necessary